St Columba Church ~ St. Catharines Ontario

St Columba Church ~ St. Catharines Ontario



E-Transfer your donation


Should you wish to make an on-line offering to St. Columba, we can now accept direct e-transfers to


If you prefer please use the button below. Thank you for supporting our Church.

Click on this link for Canada Helps

Or you can go through the Diocese Website to get to us please click the link below:

Click here for Diocese DONATIONS

or cut and paste this link:

You will be brought to the Diocese page and will need to fill out the following so it gets donated to our Parish:

What type of Donation would you like to make:

Area of Ministry: Select: A Particular Parish

Parish Name: Select: St. Columba, St. Catharines

Designate for: Select the option of your choice

Amount: Select your donation amount


Fill out the form with your Name, Address, etc.

Continue to follow the directions on the page and you're all set!

**If you have any questions please Contact Kim Waltmann at the Diocesan Resource Centre 905-527-1316 x540. She will be more than happy to help you.


The most common method to donate to the church is to sign up for PRE-AUTHORIZED GIVING.  St. Columba has its very own form that you can acquire to have your monthly gift for the ministry and mission of the church come right out of your bank account.  This is an easy and safe way to ensure that your gift goes directly to St. Columba Church, and you never have to worry about envelopes or if you might happen to miss a Sunday you will still be assisting through your thoughtful generosity and care.  Your responsible stewardship is very much appreciated and helps maintain our spiritual home of St. Columba ensuring the Mission of Christ continues throughout the year.  Simply call the church office for more details at 905-935-4475.  Using the Pre-Authorized Method of gift giving allows the church to confidentially keep your information on file for income tax receipts at year end.


Another way to contribute to the life of St. Columba is to inquire about obtaining ENVELOPES.  Envelopes are the most common way gifts can be given to the church.  This form of Christian Stewardship helps to ensure the constant care and up-keep of St. Columba Church as well as the Mission of Christ and allows the church to continue in that mission and share the responsibility of our call to discipleship.  By calling the church you can obtain a box of envelopes with your personal number upon it in which will allow the church to identify and keep track of your stewardship for year end receipting.  

Thank you

Above all else your stewardship and generosity have allowed St. Columba to continue to build upon the gifts given in the past and helps to ensure a safe and fruitful future for all who find a home in this wonderful church.  Thank you for such thoughtful, prayerful generosity!
Lindsey Michelle